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    In addition to handling cases in divorce, marriage and child-related matters, our firm specialises in other areas related to family law such as:

    • Acting as mediators in divorce and custody matters;
    • Handling a wide range of relationship issues between unmarried individuals;
    • Overseeing paternity proceedings and other matters related to child support and child custody for unmarried parents;
    • Counselling and advising on agreements involving artificial reproductive technology;
    • Negotiating international agreements, divorces and separations;
    • Providing advisory services to family offices and estate planning attorneys for high-net-worth individuals and families.

    Commercial litigation

    On a very select basis, we will also handle some of our clients’ commercial litigation needs, as many of our lawyers have years of experience litigating nearly every substantive area of law throughout the country.

    We are able to connect you with expert professionals all over the world as needed. Our global network includes custodial and financial experts, public relations and crisis management professionals and the best attorneys in areas such as trusts and estates and real estate counsel.


    Since 2010, we’ve helped clients navigate the legal complexities of Family, Matrimonial, and Commercial Law.


    We work to resolve disputes as expeditiously as possible in order to avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings.


    Our clients are free to contact us at any time of day as we know that legal emergencies do not only arise during office hours.

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