Customary Marriages

A complex area of law

At Theron Inc Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys, Craighall Park, we fully understand that this is a complex area of law involving many different traditions and customs and that the law on this subject is growing and developing every day.

Lobola negotiations

We can assist you in Lobola negotiations and ensure that it be done in such a way for you and your children’s benefit, should you already have children, and can also on your behalf negotiate a fair amount to be paid for your bride, should you so require.

Antenuptial Contracts

We can also draw up an Antenuptial Contract between you and each of your wives and a Final Will and ensure the proper registration of subsequent marriages for the protection of all your wives and your children in case of death or disaster.

Ending a customary marriage

When you require your customary marriage to be ended as you no longer function as husband or wife, we can give you the best chance of doing so in a dignified manner that you can have access to your children, whether they live with your ex-wife or her parents.


keeping tradition in mind

If you are a wife in such marriage, whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd wife, that is ending, we understand and are sensitive to traditional customs and will, whilst keeping tradition in mind, endeavor to obtain the best possible settlement for you and your children.


Maintenance from a deceased estate

Should you or your children require maintenance from the Estate of your deceased husband, we can also provide guidance and services to assist you and we advise you to contact us.


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