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    A confusing and painful experience

    We handle all aspects related to the dissolution of a marriage, including asset division, child custody issues, spousal support, child support and professional fees.


    We are often brought in to try cases that were initially handled by other law firms. We represent clients in both trials and appeals. We have represented same-sex couples well before their right to marry was accepted and continue to do so today.

    Our Process

    Who we represent

    We represent individuals across the spectrum of industries from finance, to real estate to technology. We represent first-time entrepreneurs and fourth-generation family business owners, as well as professionals in the arts and entertainment, athletes and politicians, including high-ranking government officials. We represent parents of every kind, from traditional stay-at-home parents without the income or assets to working mothers and fathers, as well as individuals-such as grandparents-who may have shared parental responsibilities for a meaningful period of time.

    Our experience

    Our experience before both the High Court, Regional, Children’s, Maintenance and Domestic Violence courts are unrivalled. Through our successful representation of clients-including before the highest court in South Africa and we have obtained some of the most significant rulings in matrimonial and family law.

    Distribution of assets

    Works of art, significant collections of art and other valuable collections, hedge, private equity, venture capital and other investment funds, including the asset management companies.

    Our successes in financial-related disputes

    We have a record of success in handling a myriad of separation and divorce-related financial and child custody matters. Our successes in financial-related disputes include:

    • Securing significant financial awards, including property division and spousal support on behalf of the non-monied spouse in many cases;

    • Successfully defending against unjustified, outsized financial demands;

    • Defending our clients against challenges from a spouse or former spouse attempting to undo prenuptial agreements, marital settlement and trust agreements, and/or avoid their contractual obligations;

    • Litigating issues related to the ownership, valuation and distribution of a share portfolio in divorce;

    • Establishing favourable percentage distributions for our clients;

    • Establishing favourable valuations of marital assets and businesses;

    • Negotiating divorce settlement agreements protecting the interests of a multitude of hedge fund and private equity firm principals, real estate developers and other business owners;

    • Dealing with valuation issues related to intellectual property and social media;

    • Representing numerous clients in connection with finding assets that were hidden and not disclosed by a spouse, and recovering assets fraudulently transferred, including to trust vehicles, both domestic and “off-shore”;

    • Protecting client privacy from litigation abuses, including obtaining sanctions in a divorce case when our client’s electronic devices were improperly accessed;

    • Enforcing child support and spousal support provisions of marital settlement agreements on behalf of recipient spouses;

    • Negotiating and litigating child support provisions including housing, lifestyle expenses, health care and education;

    • Navigating and structuring provisions to protect the inheritances of the children of the marriage;

    • Protecting assets secured in trusts and family partnerships;
    • Obtaining sanctions and contempt findings where spouses have abused the financial discovery process and disregarded court orders.


    Since 2010, we’ve helped clients navigate the legal complexities of Family, Matrimonial, and Commercial Law.


    We work to resolve disputes as expeditiously as possible in order to avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings.


    Our clients are free to contact us at any time of day as we know that legal emergencies do not only arise during office hours.

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