Paula Quinsee

Relationship Expert, Tedx Speaker and author of Embracing Conflict

Phone +2783307019


Paula works with individuals and couples to help them understand their relationship patterns and dynamics.

For newly divorced/single people, she helps them understand why their past relationships did not work and what they can learn from this going forward.

If you have been through a divorce or break-up, are unable to maintain a long-term relationship, or have a string of failed relationships, Paula will help you to make sense of it all and how to change this going forward.

Get insights and tools to help you with:

  • Why your past relationship(s) failed.
  • Where relationships and couples get stuck
  • What causes relationships to fail
  • How to create a healthy family environment conducive for co-parenting
  • How to pick up the pieces and start over again
  • Support and personal growth