Radio Broadcasts

Shando Theron of Theron Inc has regular guest appearances on South Africa’s top radio shows.

Listener's Choice - Absent fathers and the law

Matrimonial law expert Shando Theron discusses the impact of absent fathers on South African society and how the law should change to protect their children. 


#DieGROOTBrekfis Shando Theron oor Zuma hofsaak

Shando Theron het vanuit ‘n regsoogpunt ‘n opsomming gegee or die Zuma hofsaak.


What the law says around Parental Alienation

Attorney at Theron & Theron Attorneys, Shando Theron on the legal ramifications in an instance of Parental alienation. 


Family Matters: sperm donation, parental attachment and rights of children

Clement chats to Jean Pedrosa, who is a clinical psychologist and Matrimonial Lawyer Shando Theron about the legalities of sperm donation and the psychological effects the process has on the donor and family on the receiving end.


Legal Matters: Father's, maintenance, and legal rights

On Legal Matters we talk about Father’s, maintenance, and legal rights with Shando Theron, Johannesburg’s foremost matrimonial and custody attorney.


Co-parenting for divorced couples and Regulation on Domestic Violence during pandemic lockdown

Divorce and Custody lawyer Shando Theron answers questions around Co-parenting during the Pandemic Lockdown


Family matters: Co-parenting during the COVID19 lockdown

Nickolaus Bauer speaks to Shando Theron, Matrimonial expert on the dilemma separated/divorced parents are facing as movement of children is prohibited during the lockdown. 


The difficulties in relocating a child of divorced parents

The question of relocation after parental divorce is difficult and complex. Nicklaus Bauer spoke to specialist Divorce and Matrimonial Lawyer  Shando Theron from Theron & Theron Attorneys. 

The Aubrey Masango Show

Legal Corner | Fathers Custody Rights

Guest: Shando Theron – Attorney and matrimonial mediator.

The Aubrey Masango Show

Legal Matters- Protection orders, kidnapping, and all legalities, rights, and processes etc, when facing dangerous situations

Guest: Shando Theron – Attorney and matrimonial mediator (Specialist Divorce and Custody Attorney) .